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David A. Lee -Owner

Ornate Clock

On June 29 I closed my retail store. I am no longer in Lake Bluff and if you drop off anything at the old store I will not see it.

You may call The Clockworks phone 847-234-7272 and get the same service you have had for the last 1/2 century.

The Barometerworks is our newest addition to the group. We do all kinds of restorations on your old barometer friend.


Since early in recorded human history mankind felt the need to measure time. Sunlight played a basic role in the length of days and nights. As the first sun dials were crafted, man developed a way to track time throughout the day. This led to the development of hour glasses and candle dials until the 14th century when mechanical clocks were introduced.

These amazing pieces required a high level of craftsmanship in the mechanisms and casings alike. Today, it does not take an expert eye to see the beauty and value of these historic timepieces. It does take the expertise of a craftsman to properly repair and renovate. The Clockworks has an impressive selection of these vintage timepieces.



Clocks and Clock Repair

We have a wide selection of mantle clocks, wall clocks, Grand Father and Grand Mother clocks, coo-coo clocks... you name it.

It is vital to the life span of a clock to make sure it is kept in proper running condition. This involves much more than just a squirt of oil (definitely not WD-40!) every year or so. A clock may run decades with little or no maintenance, but rest assure over time bushings become worn, pivots wear and serious damage occurs resulting in the clock striking erratically and eventually stopping.

A clock is an intricate complex piece of machinery. The gears are turning 24/7. All clocks need a good overhaul followed by simple maintenance every few years. We recommend a clock be OILED EVERY 4-5 YEARS AND CLEANED AND OVERHAULED EVERY 15 TO 17 YEARS. The older the clock becomes the more important scheduled maintenance becomes.

Fine Citizen Watch

Watches and Watch Repair

Our selection of watches for sales is extensive - solid construction normal use to extremely high-end selections. Feel free to call about the wide range of watch styles and pricing we have.

From new wristbands to batteries, get your watch repaired while you wait. We can work on any brand of watch, whether it is a family heirloom or the newest of luxury watches.

With more than 50 years of experience, you can count on our watch repair experts to have your watch in proper working order quickly and at a fair price!



Servicing all brands of watches

  • Watch Battery Replacement while you wait
  • Watchbands - Leather, Metal, Rubber
rosewood and inlaid mother of pearl barometer

Barometers and Barometer Repair

Our shop features an entire wall of barometers for sale - some old, some new, some plain and some with exotic wood and inlays to dazzle. Please call if you're the kind of weather bug that would enjoy owning your own barometer!

We not only make them work, we make them look great!"

Is your barometer on the blink? If so, we can repair it for you! We bring 35 years of experience dealing in and repairing antique barometers. We are able to repair woodwork, veneers, and inlay as well as the mechanisms of wheel barometers. Thermometers can be made to order to match an existing scale. Broken glass can be replaced. Brass parts can be repaired and polished. Scales and register plates can be resilvered if necessary by the hand rubbed method used 200 years ago.

Aneroid barometers are often broken by mishandling or corrosion and can be restored to life. If the front glass is damaged we can make new beveled glass parts and install the pointer hands. The mechanisms can be repaired and new vacuum capsules installed if necessary. Again, polishing is available.

  • Ami W.
    Had a battery replaced in my Michael Kors watch this afternoon. While I was waiting, the staff kindly offered to polish my wedding ring and inspect the setting. I was in and out in 15 minutes. Will definitely be returning. Wonderful, small town experience.
    Ami W.
  • Cris B.
    I needed some work on an old mechanical chronograph watch with a Swiss movement. I visited some local repairman near my home and neighboring towns and they were either not really repairman and could not help me or quoted some crazy prices for repair (I think they quoted a high price as to not want to work on the watch, others told me they would send it out and had no idea of the repair cost until it went wherever. I was a little frustrated and remembered that Clockworks repaired a mechanical chronograph for my father about 20 years ago (and it still works like new today).  So I drove the 45 minutes to Clockworks, it was worth the trip.
    Cris B.
    Grayslake, IL
  • F J T.
    Clockworks have been servicing my chronograph work for several years, we always talk watches,and the manufacturers. Even though, it is not an expensive watch, he cares for it like it is worth thousands of dollar. I teased him about moving to this new location. On this visit, he told me to take my wrist watch elsewhere, because, he has been at this location 6 years, and have not seen my watch before. But he installed the battery that died out in the watch before he moved. And there is a jeweler in the shop now, he is very fun to talk to. The owner is nearing retirement, and had to replace my battery again!
    F J T.
    Lake Forest, IL
  • M T.
    By far the best clock repair shop in the entire area the owner was nice considerate and they got all the work done that I needed. Would recommend to anyone five stars easily.
    M T.
    Northbrook, IL
  • Hannah R.
    Best clock repair in Chicago.  Thorough, diligent and excellent repair work.    Worth your trip if you don't live nearby.   Super friendly and kind too.  If 10 stars were an option I'd give them 10
    Hannah R.
    Deerfield, IL