Barometers Repairs

We not only make them work, we make them look great!"

Is your barometer on the blink? If so, we can repair it for you! We bring 35 years of experience dealing in and repairing antique barometers. We are able to repair woodwork, veneers, and inlay as well as the mechanisms of wheel barometers. Thermometers can be made to order to match an existing scale. Broken glass can be replaced. Brass parts can be repaired and polished. Scales and register plates can be resilvered if necessary by the hand rubbed method used 200 years ago.

Aneroid barometers are often broken by mishandling or corrosion and can be restored to life. If the front glass is damaged we can make new beveled glass parts and install the pointer hands. The mechanisms can be repaired and new vacuum capsules installed if necessary. Again, polishing is available.

It is best to call before sending your barometer for repair as we can sometimes give estimates over the phone and always explain how to transport.

  • String inlay & marquetry repair
  • Molding replacement
  • Veneer repairs
  • Cabinet shop services
  • Finish cleaning & polishing
  • Refinishing when necessary
  • Glass replacement when necessary
  • Brass parts polished
  • Dials resilvered
  • Parts repaired or replaced
  • Mercury columns made to order
  • Cisterns repaired or replaced
  • Thermometers custom made to match your scale
  • Repair of Ceramic Plates
Many Victorian barometers have
wonderful ceramic thermometer plates and dials.
Often they are broken and need repair.